Pilates mat training is a workout for your entire body; uniting strengthening, mobilisation, coordination and concentration.


Pilates is an extremely effective way to train your mind and body in harmony. It combines strengthening, mobilisation, coordination and concentration, body awareness, balance training and stress relief without placing joints under any extra strain from vibrations or shocks. 
The key element to all Pilates exercises is first activating the deep, stabilising core muscles by breathing in a neutral posture before starting with simple movements and gradually advancing to complex movements. The core strength and flexibility gained help your spine and pelvis to perfectly align and straighten in order to give you a stable and powerful spring in your step to face the challenges of everyday life. 
This course is limited to 6-8 participants to ensure that each participant receives individual tactile guidance. Small equipment is also used to provide more variety, focused awareness, special challenges and added fun in class. 


The gentle yet intense way of training my body and becoming more aware of it inspires me every week. Ilka offers a very competent and individual Pilates class, I always leave the class room full of positive energy.


Ilkas’ Pilates is just so beneficial for me, my body feels loosened and strengthened at the same time after her lessons. She responds individually to each participant, is empathetic, humorous and radiates positive energy. What I like most about Ilka’s classes compared to others is that her lessons are very varied, which keeps me motivated every week.


Back to your body =
Pilates after the recovery period

Stay on track! Continue increasing the strength of your core, pelvic floor, glutes and leg muscles after completing the recovery course to ensure you can keep up with your infant’s rapid motor development and discover the world together! Interlinked stretching exercises for your shoulder girdle, breast and pelvic region help structures under a lot of strain from carrying the baby and breastfeeding gain more flexibility.

Let’s get started =
Pilates for beginners

Are you searching for varied full body training at a moderate pace that can help to strengthen your body in the neutral upright posture and increase your mobility? Look no further! Give it a go and feel the improvement for yourself!

You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty sessions.
Joseph Pilates

Rise and Shine =
Pilates for advanced

Time flies in this course thanks to complex movement sequences and a dynamic pace. Each course begins and ends in the standing position, and features short stretching breaks and flowing transitions. Participation in this course requires 1-2 years of uninterrupted Pilates experience.

When all your muscles are properly developed, you will, as a matter of course, perform your work with minimum effort and maximum pleasure.
Joseph Pilates

I am looking forward to you.

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